GMA’s Ultralight 725HP Track-Only Hypercar Is Named After A Race Legend

Throughout all of motorsport history, few drivers can match the dedication of Niki Lauda. For despite coming face to face with death in an 800-degree inferno, he managed to race his way back to a pair of Formula One championships — after missing just two of the season’s events.

As an homage to the late F1 great, Gordon Murray Automotive is creating a limited run of 25 track-only T.50 hypercars. Dubbed the ‘T.50S Niki Lauda,’ each car has been completely reworked in order to deliver uncompromising driver-oriented performance. For instance, the naturally-aspirated 3.9L V12 now makes 725hp compared to the standard T.50’s 654hp and revs all the way to 12,100rpm. When you consider that it also comes in nearly 300lbs lighter — thanks to an all-carbon body and some ultra-lightweight glazing — it should prove quite the capable lap weapon indeed. And in order to make sure that the T.50S behaves through the corners, GMA has given it new aerodynamic elements (generating 3,100lbs of downforce) as well as bigger brakes, stiffer springs, and upgraded anti-roll bars. Top it off with a central driver’s position in a full-carbon bucket seat and you have a recipe for total track day domination. It’s available now from $4.36M.

Purchase: $4,360,000+