GoPro Seeker Backpack

What better way to lug around your quiver of GoPro cameras than with a backpack made by the same brand for their flagship products? The Seeker Bag, sold by GoPro, not only features a modular design that can house up to five cameras but looks sleek and protects any other gear you may be carrying along thanks to its water-resistant properties.

Extra compartments within the Seeker Bag are built-in to help organize any and all batteries and microD cards as well as any larger cameras. One notable feature that sets this bag apart is an integrated chest mount that captures hands-free footage from your point of view. There’s also an adjustable shoulder mount to help elevate the camera above your head, capturing the action, and the bag itself hosts up to 16 liters of storage, making it so much more than just another GoPro product. It could very well set the standard for the future of outdoor backpacks. The Seeker is available now for $170. [Purchase]

GoPro Seeker Bag 3

GoPro Seeker Bag 4