GoPro RealTree Camouflage Case

Ever since GoPro was released on the market several years ago, the possibilities appeared endless regarding the product’s capacity for use. From surfing to snowboarding to mountain biking, the unique, high-quality POV camera allowed for the users to adequately document their adventures across the globe.

Now, GoPro is offering the “Realtree” case, a protective hardware case that’s camouflaged waterfowl habitats. The MAX-5 pattern, featured on the case itself, is ideal for everything from open fields to the flooded marsh to the woodsy timber uplands. Its QuickClip lets you attach the piece to any object between 3mm and 10mm thick. Realtree includes Standard, Skeleton and Touch Backdoors. Additional features include LCD concealment stickers to eliminate light reflection from the LCD window. The case is also waterproof up to 40 meters. So next time you’re looking to document the hunt and show off your marksman skills in the blind, be sure to check out this unique attachment to everyone’s favorite action camera. Available now for $70. [Purchase]

GoPro RealTree Protective Case 02

GoPro RealTree Protective Case 3

GoPro RealTree Protective Case 2
GoPro RealTree Protective Case 4