GoPro Karma Grip Video Stabilizer

Nobody likes shaky footage unless that is, you’re shooting a sequel to the Blair Witch Project. Unfortunately, when it comes to POV action footage shot via GoPro, shaky footage is too often the end result, potentially ruining what could have been an awesome shot from the day’s adventure. Thankfully the GoPro Karma Grip is here to help.

The Karma Grip is an extension that works with the stabilizer from the Karma Drone. Simply remove the piece from the drone, snap it into the Karma Grip, and you’ll enjoy footage that’s buttery smooth every time. Finally, never miss a shot while running, jumping or mountain biking. It can be both hand-held and worn on the body to help capture shake-free footage, It features built-in camera controls and full camera integration so there’s no need to remove the GoPro for charging or offloading footage. It’s compatible with all models with the exception of the Hero Session and is available now for $300. [Purchase]