GoPro Hero 7 Cameras

For thrill seekers wanting to document their adventurous flirtations with death, GoPro is the solution for the best action camera. Coming fresh out the gate is their new lineup of Hero 7 cameras, which outshine everything they’ve released before.

The Hero 7 cameras consist of the White, Silver, and Black camera models. Of course, the flagship Hero 7 Black is the head honcho, packing the best features of the wild bunch. It offers 4K video at 60 fps, live-streaming, a ‘Hyperlapse-style’ time-lapse mode, an advanced gimbal-like stabilization for silky smooth tracking shots, and ‘SuperPhoto’ with automatic HDR local tone mapping and noise reduction. You can even utilize 16 voice commands if your hands are too busy. It’s the second camera to feature the GP1 processor, which had its debut with the Hero 6 and is still tough-as-nails and waterproof. All three cameras in the Hero 7 lineup are available for pre-order.

Purchase: $200+