GoPro 360° Camera Array

We’ve seen a slew of 360° cameras hit the market as of lately, and now there’s yet another device that will undoubtedly hit the market soon from the king of action cameras, GoPro.

The GoPro 360° Camera Array is the first hardware that has been specifically engineered for Google’s Jump, the virtual reality ecosystem. The Array brings together 16 GoPro cameras that have all been synced up and are controlled simultaneously to create a seamless 360° video. After footage is recorded, Jump is used to process and package the video so that it is easily shared online to YouTube. The rig also features extended battery life. There’s no word on pricing for the Array just yet, as it is only currently available to a small group of content creators, but expect it to cost a pretty penny since it requires 16 GoPros to properly function. See it in action below. [Purchase]