Google Stadia Gaming Platform

Google is ditching the old concept of physical gaming consoles and building a virtual stadium for gamers across the globe. The American technology giant believes they will be pushing the boundaries of gaming as we know it with their digital streaming domain dubbed the Google Stadia Gaming Platform.

All you’ll need is a Google Chrome browser to instantly stream games with Google Stadia, so you can play across multiple devices, including your smartphone, TV, and PC. The Google Stadia cloud streaming service will allow you to watch a clip of a game and then play it immediately or even launch the game at the exact point of the clip you were just viewing. Video game streamers will have the power to create lobbies for viewers to join and play with them on YouTube. The platform will provide near-instant streaming of video games at 60 frames per second with 4K HDR quality regardless of the device you’re using. Google Stadia works with various controllers, but there will be a Stadia controller, offering a direct WiFi connection to the cloud with a dedicated streaming button, Google Assistant button, and smooth screen transitions. This platform is expected to arrive this summer.

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