Google Self-Driving Car

When Google was birthed back in 1998, no one could have ever imagined just how big the tech giant would become. Proving that there is nothing off limits for the Mountain View based brand, Google unveils their first ever self-driving vehicles.

The thought of vehicles that would drive themselves is one that has excited us since we were kids, but it always seemed like one of those innovations that would happen “in the future.” Well the future is now. Rather than build add-ons for current cars, Google has built an autonomous self-driving vehicle completely from scratch. The company most known for their search engine has done away with both the steering wheel and pedals, opting for a system of sensors that have the ability to detect objects up to 200 meters away. This isn’t just some “concept car” either. Google will be testing these prototype vehicles at speeds of up to 25 mph before new iterations and improvements are implemented. It could be just a matter of time before our cars are driving us around the town. Watch the video below.