Google Pixel Smartphone

Just so everyone is completely aware of how important and ubiquitous this tech company has become in our world, we present to you this: the word “Google” is a verb. And with so many people using their phones to Google things, it’s strange that the brand hasn’t been a bigger player in the pocketable tech industry. And that’s why, to change all that, they’ve just revealed their newest smartphone: the Pixel.

In a play to corner the Android OS market that they birthed, Google is releasing what appears to be – based both on their claims and the tech specs – the closest thing to an iPhone killer we have ever seen. Built by HTC, these phones come equipped with either a 5-inch 1080p or 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display, which is going to be important for any user wanting to take advantage of the onboard 12.3 megapixel camera that just so happens to be the highest rated smartphone camera ever. Google is also offering unlimited 4k cloud storage for all Pixel users. And every pre-order comes with a complimentary Daydream VR headset, if you’re not already totally convinced you should pick one up. The Pixel comes in Black, Silver, or Google’s proprietary “Really Blue” edition starting at $649. [Purchase]

Google Pixel Smartphone 01