Google Pixel Buds

The bad news about the Google Pixel 2? It doesn’t have a headphone jack. The silver lining, however, is that they’re releasing their own pair of wireless headphones dubbed the Google Pixel Buds.

Like most everything that Google released yesterday during their press event yesterday, this has been done before. But what sets these wireless headphones apart from others is their integrated real-time translation software. Yup. According to the team who developed the headphones, these will be able to translate up to 40 spoken languages seamlessly. Other than that quite lofty promise, the headphones will feature a number of other low and high tech features. First and foremost is the fabric cord – ideal for those who are concerned about misplacing these small and expensive headphones. The headphones will also come with a combination charing and carrying case, Google assistant, and of course high quality audio piped in via a Bluetooth connection.

Purchase: $160