Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

Google isn’t grabbing headlines because their new phone is the most powerful in the world, nor are they getting interest because they’ve just debuted the best phone screen. Instead, the internet giant has garnered attention because they’ve produced what looks to be a capable, and practical smartphone with a killer camera. Introducing, the Pixel 2.

Last year when Google debuted the Pixel it was rated as having the best phone camera on the market. It looks like it’ll keep their #1 spot. This new phone has a 12 megapixel sensor and a f1.8 lens equipped with both optical and software image stabilization – making it easy to capture clean, smooth video. The big update with the phone is the inclusion of a special ‘dual pixel’ technology that picks up more information in each photo, making it easier to take ‘portrait mode’ photos with front and back-facing cameras. The only bad news? No headphone jack. Both the 5 and 6-inch models feature an aluminum and Gorilla Glass construction with stereo speakers and either an OLED or pOLED display. The design of both models is attractive, and comes in either white, black, or blue.

Purchase: $649+