Google OnHub Router

There are so many different routers on the market today, that buying a new one is a daunting task we wouldn’t wish upon our enemies. Anyone that has ever messed with their router can tell you just how complicated they can be. Google is out to change all of that with the OnHub Router.

The OnHub has a similar design to the failed Amazon Echo, but instead of answering your every question, it helps you easily run your home WiFi network. It’s easy to set up and manage, has high performance, and is apparently painless to troubleshoot. The device connects to iOS and/or Android phones through an innovative app, which tells users how many devices are connected to their network and what kind of speeds those connections are getting. It has a whopping 13 antennas contained within its circular shell, and it will use all of them to determine the best channel to broadcast on. The router is expected to go on sale starting August 31 for $199.99. [Purchase]

Google OnHub Router 2

Google OnHub Router 3

Google OnHub Router 4

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