The Nest Hub Max Is The High-Tech Epicenter Of Your Smart Home

Although the category is relatively new, the available options for smart home hubs are vast in number — to the point at which it’s hard to pick out a clearcut winner. But Google just unveiled a pretty impressive contender for the throne in their tech-overloaded Nest Hub Max.

While most similar hubs are meant to be the epicenter of smart tech for your home, Google’s Nest Hub Max does it better than just about any other option out there — Amazon included. For starters, it has an ambient mode that, when not in use, turns it into a beautiful digital frame via Google Photos. It’s also compatible with Google’s full suite of smart devices — so you can control your digital video doorbell, lightbulbs, security cameras, thermostat, Chromecast, WiFi router, and more with just a touch of your finger, wave of your hand, or whisper of your voice. It also has the brand’s AI assistant built right in, is good for video calls and streaming music, syncs to your Google smartphone, is loaded with organizational features (like calendar management), and so much more. And if you’re worried about audio or video quality, don’t be — it boasts an impressive speaker system comprised of dual 18mm tweeters and a 75mm 30W rear-firing subwoofer, as well as far-field microphones and a built-in smart camera. Priced at $229, we’re scratching our heads as to what the Google Nest Hub Max can’t do.

Purchase: $229