Google’s Second-Gen Nest Hub Uses Soli Technology To Track Your Night’s Sleep

As electronics manufacturers add to their ever-growing smart home lineup, it’s become increasingly clear that voice assistant technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On the contrary — as these devices continue to expand in their capabilities, they’ll only become more essential to our everyday routine.

Just take Google’s second-generation Nest Hub, for instance. While its 7-inch touchscreen doesn’t appear to be much different than its predecessor, dig a little deeper and you’ll find that it’s had quite the performance overhaul. For instance, thanks to an enlarged speaker, it’s now good for 50% more bass than the original. And because Google’s added a third microphone as well as an on-device machine learning chip, the new Nest Hub will also be significantly more efficient when it comes to command response. But the best part is easily its new sleep tracking feature. That is — with the addition of Soli sensor technology (a combination of built-in microphones, light sensors, and temperature sensors), the Nest Hub will automatically monitor both the pattern and quality of your sleep. In practice, this means that you’ll get an in-depth read on your restfulness, with no uncomfortable wearables or invasive cameras required. Pre-order it now for $100 at the link below.

Purchase: $100