Now Anyone Can Buy Google’s New & Improved AR Glass 2 Headset

Originally unveiled way back in 2014, Google Glass — one of the earliest commercial augmented reality devices — ended up being a pretty tremendous flop. But the tech giant didn’t give up on it, choosing instead to improve upon it and focus it on industrial applications. Now, the vastly upgraded version is finally being made available to the public as Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

Previously only available through Google’s network of B2B partners, the device is comprised of safety frames by Smith Optics equipped with a small onboard computer — built on a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform — that projects a virtual HUD on a small transparent display for hands-free work. And whilst its most definitely still intended for industrial applications, like factory work, it’s also built around an open-source Android system, so developers can toy with it and apply the tech however they see fit. Interested parties can purchase devices now directly from one of Google’s resellers, including CDW, Mobile Advance, and SHI for $1,299.

Purchase: $1,299