Google Duo Video Chat App

Tired of using Facetime? Maybe just a little bit curious about what a different realtime video-calling app would be like? Download Google Duo and give it a whirl.

Who knows if this thing will stick – we know that Google has far from a flawless track record when it comes to trying to replicate and improve on existing platforms (Hey there, Google+). The tech giant claims that their video-calling app will allow for simple one tap calling, smooth switching from wifi to cell phone data, and the ability to preview incoming calls. Maybe you’ll want to use it to share some design ideas with your boss while they’re out, or maybe you’ll just rub your bud’s nose in the fact that they got sick on a Friday night while you and your friends are all out having a good time. That is what all this technology is really for, right? Just finding new ways to goof on your friends? Either way, we’re looking forward to the inevitable dog filters. You can download the app for free either on the Android or Apple store. [Purchase]