Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

Jun 27, 2014

Category: Tech

Facebook bought Oculus for what, $2 billion? Well, Google’s getting into the virtual reality game now too—with cardboard.

Announced at its annual developer conference, the project called “Cardboard” is a sharp reminder that sometimes DIY low-tech can still be fun. Google says with an Android phone, this primitive contraption can fold into place to create a virtual reality viewfinder. Just load up the Cardboard app and follow the instructions on how to build your very own gateway to good times. We’re not sure if MacGyver started working at Google, but with cardboard, Velcro, and a rubber band involved, we’d say there’s a damn good chance Richard Dean Anderson is on the payroll. Google is hoping developers will take advantage of the company’s open software toolkit to MacGyver something amazing for a lot less than $2 billion.

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