Goodyear’s Spider Silk Custom reCharge Tire Grows Back Worn-Off Tread

For many folks, car tires are somewhat of an afterthought. But they’re actually a lot more important than you might think, which is especially noticeable when they need replacing. But the days of replacing your tires every few years could be coming to an end in the future if Goodyear and their new reCharge tire concept have anything to say about it.

Goodyear, the tire-manufacturing giant, has been coming up with unique and innovative concepts for years, but this latest endeavor may be their best yet. That’s because this game-changing tire hinges on a customizable regenerative technology — utilizing bio-based materials and special capsules filled with a “liquid compound” that can literally re-grow worn-out tread. That means, in theory, these tires could last the effective life of your car. Plus, utilizing AI machine learning, individual profiles for drivers can be created, resulting in versions of the liquid compound tailored to a given person’s driving style/preference. Furthermore, the reinforced fibers that make up the structure of the tire are based on ultra-tough spider silk, so they should be tough enough to handle even the most aggressive driving styles. It’s still very conceptual, but the ideas behind this tech are as promising as they are lofty.

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