Goldwin & Spiber Join For The World’s First Microbe-Fermented Sweater

Goldwin and Spiber have a unique history of sustainable innovation. Last year, the pair joined forces for a limited run of spider-silk parkas, marking it as one of the first capsules to utilize the material for a technical and contemporary outerwear piece. Now, the duo has reunited for yet another cutting-edge clothing item dubbed “The Sweater.”

Whenever Goldwin and Spiber collaborate on an upcoming project, you know that you’re in for a wild ride. Like the spider-silk-based parkas released last year, The Sweater takes on its own unique fabric — an innovative variant produced by microbial fermentation. Inspired by the active cultivation of ingredients by breweries, Spiber has found a way to utilize petrochemical and product-free fabrics to mimic natural spider silk, promising advancements in plastic- and animal-free initiatives. Each sweater will be composed of a biopolymer created through plant-based microbial fermentation, proving once and for all that there are attractive (and capable) alternatives to synthetic products like polyester and nylon. Since the heritage-inspired piece is so special, you’ll have to enter an online lottery for a chance to purchase. When, and if you win, “The Sweater” is slated to go on sale for approximately $800, with only 11 countries allowed to actively participate in the drawing.

Purchase: $800