Goldwin’s Ouranos Jacket Was Made To Survive 10,000FT Alpine Adventures

Since its founding in 1950, Goldwin has continued to innovate in order to stay ahead of the curve. From spider-silk parkas to microbe-fermented sweaters, the Japanese outwear brand seems to have no shortage of ground-breaking offerings up its sleeve, each with some impressive performance to back its cutting-edge design.

For its latest release, Goldwin has designed a jacket specifically for use in high altitude environments — to the tune of almost 10,000 feet. Dubbed the ‘Ouranos Down Jacket’, it’s made from 2-layer GORE-TEX fabric and comes filled with 105g of eco-friendly high-loft down. To put it another way — this jacket makes for an iron-clad defense against the elements. And in order to keep its insulation optimally spaced for superior warmth, it features a unique baffle structure to prevent down clumping. When you consider that it also comes with a removable chamois goggle cloth, a magnetically secured hood, a set of supportive wrist cuffs, and some low-profile Cohaesive cord stoppers, this is one jacket that exemplifies the Goldwin formula to a tee. Available in black and moon white, you can buy it over on Goldwin’s website for $954.

Purchase: $954