GoCamp Camper Van Rentals

Ten, or even five years ago you could pick up an old Volkswagen Vanagon or Westfalia for relatively cheap. Yeah, you’d have to give it a little bit of TLC, but all things said it wouldn’t break the bank. Nowadays, with the advent of the #vanlife trend, the demand for these old vehicles is through the roof. Unfortunately, so are the prices. Fret not. Now, thanks to GoCamp, you can still afford to go on your own van life adventures.

Renting one of these vans is as simple as booking an AirBnB. Simply head over to GoCamp’s website, track down a van that meets your needs, and arrange a way to pick it up from the owner. The van will come fully equipped – with bedding, pots and pans, camping gear, and whatever else. All you really need to do is put a pin in a map and start down the road towards your next adventure.

Visit: GoCamp