Goblin Deuce Double Barrel Paintball Gun

In the world of paintball, Goblin suggests that two barrels are better than one. And you know what? So do we. Introducing the world’s first double-barrel, air cartridge paintball pistol: the Goblin Deuce. Their paintball pistol incorporates a unique Double Firing-Pin Action and Selector Switch that lets you fire each barrel separately or at the same time.

The air cartridge is also compatible with first-strike rounds or 6mm Airsoft BBs, perfect for the scenario games such as Woodsball, Airsoft, or LARPing. It’s a paintball gun ideal for a couple of covert back up shots and each set comes with the Deuce marker, two air cartridges, four barrels in the barrel sizer kit, a new air adapter, fitting tactical holster, 2 O-Ring Kits, and an owner’s manual to address any questions along the way. There’s also a separate kit available for purchase that can convert the SOLO from Goblin into the double barrel beauty you see before your very eyes. Both are available now on the Goblin Paintball website for $90. [Purchase]