This Cooler Has Integrated Modular Storage & Keeps Ice Frozen For 10 Days

While roto-molded coolers are all the rage these days, their one-size-fits-all approach isn’t guaranteed to address everyone’s requirements. For instance, if you’re in need of some extra storage space, you’ll have to lug along a separate container. And if you were hoping for even minimal organizational provisions, you’ll have to supply them yourself.

Enter Goat BoxCo, a newcomer to the space with an offering set to buck the current cooler trend. Dubbed the “Hub 70,” their design makes use of a modular system in order to provide superior accessory storage management. At each of its four corners, the Hub houses a “turret” with room for one of Goat BoxCo’s integrated CAN canisters. Four empty CANs come with the base kit, but they’re also available pre-packed with everything from survival essentials to pandemic provisions to gameday gear. But that’s not all — at the front, it features a detachable cargo net that serves as a good catchall for utensils and other small tools. And when it comes to its cooling capabilities, the Hub offers 59L of storage with Freeze Frame insulation that can keep ice frozen for 8-10 days. Available now as a kit with four CANs from $499.

Purchase: $499+