Go Fast Off-Road Popup Campers

Truck-based pop-up tents are a pretty great way to make sure you’ve got decent sleeping arrangements whenever you hit the road – but they can be unwieldy, a pain to set up, and will limit what trails you can and can’t take. Go Fast Campers, by contrast, are ultralight, quick to erect, and can handle almost anything.

The lightest pop-up tents ever made, these campers weigh less than 200 pounds total. But, thanks to a steel space frame and aluminum hardware, they’re still tough enough to take a beating. What’s even better is that they can be set up in seconds, resulting in 94 inches of standing room and enough space to comfortably house two 6’6″ adults. And the interior layout is modular, so you can set it up based on your specific needs. These American-made camper tents are compatible with ’95 and later Toyota Tacomas, ’15 and later Chevrolet Colorados/Canyons, and ’09 Ford F-150s – and they start at $5,000, though you can reserve one now for just $500.

Purchase: $5,000+