GFC’s Superlite Is The Lightest Hard-Shelled Rooftop Tent On The Planet

Race vehicles are all about ridding machines of any and all superfluous parts, shedding weight, and allowing engines to operate at as high of a power-to-weight ratio a possible. And it was these same principles that guided the development of Go Fast Camper’s all-new Superlight Rooftop Trailer.

Marketed as the world’s lightest hardshell tent, the Superlite weighs only 80lbs in total. The minimal weight allows the rooftop tent to be mounted without greatly compromising or raising a vehicle’s center of gravity. Born out of a development process that included campaigning a truck fitted with a Superlite tent in the grueling Mexican 1000, the hard-shelled tent, measures 90” L x 50” W and boasts a 44” height (when open), though is only 6” thick when closed. Equipped with surfboard-compatible rooftop storage, the tent comfortably sleeps two adults. Because of its light weight, the tent can be installed by a single person in around three minutes. Priced at $1,299, the GFC Superlite Rooftop Tent is available for preorder, with units scheduled to ship in November of 2020. GFC is also offering an optional ladder for the tent for an extra $100, as well as the option for a mattress for an additional $279.

Purchase: $1,299+