If you’re a frequent GoPro user, it’s likely that you’re sitting on tons of quality footage that will never see the light of day simply because you don’t have the time to upload it all to your laptop and edit it. But now there’s an intuitive solution that will allow you to edit and share your HD footage in seconds without the need for a PC: the Gnarbox.

The Gnarbox will allow you to backup your camera from the field, organize all of your footage, edit all your footage when you aren’t near a computer, and share all of your awesome moments in full resolution. The Gnarbox connects to your smartphone using its own hotspot and works with the Gnarbox App to allow you to do all of those things, and it even allows you to share directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, and more. The Gnarbox is available on Kickstarter for a 40% discount at $149. [Purchase]