This Futuristic Concept Garage Was Designed For The New Hummer EV

When the car first entered mass production around the turn of the 20th century, its increasing on-road presence required a number of changes to city planning and building development, including the invention of the garage. Granted, these days, such structures are ubiquitous in our daily lives, but that’s not to say they’re without room for improvement.

On the contrary — as evidenced by Kelly Wearstler’s futuristic Hummer EV garage concept, we’ve but scratched the surface of their potential. Imagined in the heart of the Southern California desert, it features an angular bronze shell that offers a stark contrast to the surrounding environment. Throughout the building, you’ll find plenty of 21st-century touches taking inspiration from the EV, such as a front-access gate, a central elevator lift, and even a unique skylight design meant to function like a sunroof. And that’s not all — given that this garage doubles as a livable space, it’s been fully furnished with a selection of premium pieces, including Wearstler’s Echo bench, Monolith side table, and a number of others from the likes of Jan Ekselius and Mario Botta. At this stage, there are no plans for its construction, but we sure hope it comes to fruition.

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