GM SURUS Autonomous Truck

Trucks are perhaps the ultimate utility vehicle. They can be refitted to serve a massive variety of purposes from people-carrying, to supply shipping, and even function as weapons platforms. Their only drawback: someone needs to drive them in-person. But it looks like that’s being fixed thanks to GM and their new SURUS autonomous truck.

Expanding on the same principles used by Tesla, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and more – General Motors has now patented a driverless vehicle. The difference between the SURUS and the competitors, however, is like night and day. Short for ‘Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure,’ GM’s platform runs on a Hydrotec fuel-cell propulsion system – offering up near-silent operation and a range of over 400 miles per charge. It also has a completely cab-less design, mounting all functional parts instead within the chassis and giving the brand much more freedom as to how the SURUS might be used – like, for instance, as a military resupply vehicle, an emergency on-the-go medic station, a shipping container transporter, and more. It’s still in the conceptual stages, but GM is focusing heavily on incorporating fuel-cell tech into their upcoming releases. Who knows, you might start seeing these on the road sooner than later.

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