GM Contracts With The US Govt. On An Exclusive $36.4M Armored SUV Project

Photo: GM Defense

Founded in 1950, roughly four decades after the inception of General Motors, GM Defense produces a wide variety of vehicles for government contracts, ranging from armored military personnel carriers and infantry squad vehicles to up-specced, armored versions of their existing civilian production vehicles. And GM Defense’s latest release sees the company take the Chevy Suburban and transform it into a Diplomatic Security Service-spec SUV.

After securing a $36.4M contract, GM Defense has treated the full-size luxury SUV to an all-new body-on-frame chassis and a completely revised suspension setup that were both engineered to better compensate for the vehicle’s added weight, which stems from additions like armor plating, sirens, and other emergency equipment. Because the Suburban’s production is being carried out in such minute numbers, the manufacturer has made a major effort to maximize efficiency and minimize costs by employing systems like fixtureless assembly and flexible fabrication. In total, GM Defense plans on constructing a total of 10 DSS-spec Suburbans within the next two years. If all goes well with the first 10, GM Defense hopes to churn out a fleet of 200 Suburbans annually for nine years.

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