Crank Up Your EDC With This Ultralight Tritium-Illuminated Titanium Multi-Tool

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A competent EDC loadout should afford ample utility in a compact, pocketable form capable of standing up to the stresses and rigors of daily use. And these qualities are wonderfully encapsulated by Glow Rhino’s Tritium Pry Bar, an ultra-hardwearing multi-tool that raises the bar in its space.

Constructed from high-grade titanium, this ultralight pry bar boasts half-a-dozen functions, with an integrated scoring tool, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, a sturdy pry bar, and a pointed nib that’s sharp enough to cut open boxes, while remaining fully-TSA-compliant. Measuring 2.95” in length and 0.20” thick, the Tritium Pry Bar is just large enough to allow for actual real-world uses, while still small and light enough to be carried in a pocket on a daily basis. Just below the business end of this “Tritanium” pry bar is a genuine glowing XL Tritium insert that will brightly glow for up to a quarter of a century, while the bottom of the tool sports a lanyard loop that also allows it to function as a highly-utilitarian keychain. Available now, the Glow Rhino Tritium Pry Bar is priced at $50, though the company is currently offering HiConsumption readers a 20% discount when using the code “HICONSUMPTION” at checkout.

Purchase: $40+