BMW R100 GS ‘Glober’ By ER Motorcycles

Photo: Christian Branstaetter

The Glober BMW R100 GS By ER Motorcycles is so damn good looking it is almost hard to believe that it was built with the explicit purpose to do nothing more than ripping up dirt trails everywhere from Austria to Argentina.

This project, like most, started out humbly enough. A man by the name of Christian Bandstaetter (the same man credited for photographs here) approached the Slovenian shop ER Motorcycles with a simple ask;
‘turn this 1989 BMW R100GS Paris Dakar into something I can travel the world with’. ER, and its owner – Blaž Šuštaršič – couldn’t have been happier to do it. Big fans of adventure bikes themselves, the team got to breaking down the bike to its constituent parts and rebuilding it into a better, stronger, more capable motorcycle. The biggest updates came to the subframe. It was removed completely from the bike and built again in-house with long rides in mind. As result – the updated frame came with more room for adding on bags – which of course ER motorcycles filled with their own custom racks. As far at the power plant on this bike, it remained untouched. Instead of trying to switch it out for something faster, ER kept the 80cc air cooled 60 horsepower lump but switched out all the hoses, clamps, and seriously spiffed up the stock carbs. Because the bike is nearly 30 years old, all of the wiring was re-done with top of the line after market components. With a fully replaced larger metal tank and a gorgeous matte paint finish – it is hard to deny that this bike is just about the perfect balance of off-road aggression and pure beauty. [H/T: Pipeburn]