Glerups Slippers

Anyone who has spent time shoveling snow out of the driveway can attest to the fact that you’re only as comfortable as your feet are. If they’re cold and sore, so are you. Danish brand Glerups knows this all too well, which is why they have set out to design the most comfortable slipper – an indoor shoe built specifically for outdoor people.

Glerups come in three different styles; slipper, shoe, and boot. They’re made with a high quality blend of merino and gotland wool, and are designed to be worn barefoot so you can slip them right on without a thought. The double-layered footbed on all models is designed to mold to your specific foot, so after wearing them for a while they’ll be uniquely your own. You can get your Glerups with either a natural vegetable tanned leather sole or a rubber one for outdoor use. Do your feet a favor and pick some up, prices start at $95. [Purchase]

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