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Glencairn’s Glass Pipette Lets You Sip Your Whisky The Way It Ought To Be

Photo: Glencairn Crystal

Glencairn Crystal rocked the whisky world back in the early oughts when it finally put Raymond Davidson’s nosing glass design into production. A long-held secret for some 20-odd years, it proved a game-changer for its superior tasting properties, earning it the title of “official whisky glass” in no time at all.

However, like any self-respecting whisky purist, the Glencairn team takes their drams with a dash of water. Widely believed to improve both the aroma and the flavor of the spirit, it’s really the only way to raise a glass if you’re looking to bring out the fullest tasting experience. As such, the Scottish-based crystal company has just announced a handblown glass pipette sized specifically for the Glencairn glass. Weighted at the top with a miniaturized version of its cup counterpart, the piece holds precisely 1mL of water in its bulb — the perfect amount to properly enjoy whisky. You can buy it now on its own or as part of a set, starting at £6 (~$9) and £11 (~$16), respectively.

Purchase: $9+

Photo: Glencairn Crystal