GLASS Megayacht

If you’re gonna have a yacht, you might as well splurge and make it a megayacht. And if you’re gonna have a megayacht, you might as well make it the kind of megayacht that makes people on shore wonder whether that’s a boat approaching or a continent. Designed by Lujac Desautel, GLASS has a concept for such a floating oasis, and the possibilities are insane.

It starts with more than 5,600 square feet of space resting on two hulls and being propelled by some undoubtedly big time engines. With that kind of real estate, there’s room for everything from multiple swimming pools to glass elevators on board. The plan is for the different floors to stack on top of each other LEGO-style, and speaking of LEGO, we think there oughta be enough room for every single LEGO piece ever created on board.

GLASS Megayacht 2

GLASS Megayacht 3

GLASS Megayacht 4

GLASS Megayacht 5

GLASS Megayacht 6

GLASS Megayacht 7