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This Fully-Sealed Smart PPE Mask Has Its Own Speaker & Filtration System

We’ve all become somewhat accustomed to the use of a mask in our everyday lives. What began as a minor inconvenience has quickly turned into a mainstay for individuals who continue to work in team environments, venture into public areas, or visit family and friends, leading to the widespread adoption of reusable face coverings. Now, Glask is looking to reinterpret the genre with its very own “smart” example.

The Glask mask features a sleek, 3D-printed construction that’s been outfitted with a handful of smart monitoring devices. Inside, an array of electronic sensors regulate the mask’s air filtration system, calling upon five layers of protection to filter up to 99% of dangerous, in-air particulates. Dual-valve air channels work alongside Glask’s HEPA Carbon-Active filtration system to offer complete protection against pathogens, fitting to your face to create one of the industry’s first fully-sealed solutions. As an aside, the reusable nature of the mask ensures that sustainability (and savings) remain at the forefront, minimizing personal waste and expenditure. Head to the brand’s Indiegogo to secure your very own model for $76.

Purchase: $76+