The rise of the consumer VR camera is upon us, as another entrant has emerged in the market. Introducing the GIROPTIC 360cam, the first 360° VR camera that doesn’t require post-processing.

The high-action camera is hoping to take on the Luna and GoPro by being easier to use and less expensive than its competitors. With this admittedly oddly-shaped cam, users are able to record both video and spherical photos that are immediately stitched together on the fly, without the need for external software or any post-processing. It takes 2K video at 20-30fps, and shoots 4K photos. And, the footage can be shared on any device instantaneously, as long as the platform supports virtual reality viewing. It also has a regular mount tread so that the camera can be used with virtually any regular camera accessories and mounts. The device is available for pre-order now for $499. [Purchase]