Gibson Memory Cable: Records As You Play

The Gibson Memory Cable 1
For the casual and even professional musician, sometimes brilliance just… happens. At weird times. And if you aren’t rolling on it, there’s a good chance that righteous riff you just pulled off will be gone forever. The new Gibson Memory Cable changes all that.

Featuring a tiny built-in recorder (designed by TASCAM) that remembers every single thing you play, this cable is designed for the guitar, bass, or keyboard, offers uncompressed CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution, and up to 10 hours of recording time on the included 4GB Micro SD card. It records as a WAV file, making it compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, and you can even plug it into the output of your PA mixer to record your rehearsals. For the guy who does his best strumming while in a pot brownie-induced haze, this could be a godsend. [Purchase]

The Gibson Memory Cable 2

The Gibson Memory Cable 3

The Gibson Memory Cable 4