GiantMouse GM1 Knife

Based in the United States, fueled by Danish design, and manufactured in Italy, Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes’ new company, GiantMouse, may be the most worldly knife company out there. And by the looks of their GM1 they may also be one of the best pocket knives on the market.

This pocket knife, one of a line they just recently released, embodies both designer’s sensibilities. The 4.7-inch handle made from a 6AL4V titanium has a dulled and smooth look thanks to a bead blasted finish, as does the stonewashed Nc90 cobalt steel blade. That dulled look contrasts strikingly with blue anodized titanium throughout the hardware on the body of the knife. For easy opening the knife uses a ball bearing pivot mechanism and a frame lock to keep it secure while open. Whether you are a longtime fan of these knife makers or someone who knows a phenomenal everyday carry blade when they see one, you’ll be sure to at least partially lust after these blades. Or you can just bite the bullet and add one to your own EDC setup for $325. [Purchase]

GM1Knife By Giant Mouse 1

GM1Knife By Giant Mouse 2

GM1Knife By Giant Mouse 3

GM1Knife By Giant Mouse4