Giant Birdsnest Sofa

Oct 31, 2014

Category: Living

What if we told you the joys of being a bird could be yours? No, not the flying part—sorry. No, not even the regurgitating of food to your offspring. We’re talking about the supreme comfort and peaceful bliss that can only come with relaxing in your egg-laden nest.

Designed by the team at OGE Creative Group, the Giant Birdsnest is made of wood and features comfortable egg-shaped sitting pillows that are said to “allow ergonomic sitting positions and various configurations for informal meetings and social exchange.” The nests come in different sizes, from an intimate setting for two or three people, up to a massive, Beijing Olympic stadium-like version which can handle you and 15 of your chicks. We’re not sure if having your Thanksgiving dinner in this thing would be awesome or disturbing, but it’s definitely one of those two.

Giant Birdsnest Sofa 2

Giant Birdsnest Sofa 3

Giant Birdsnest Sofa 4

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