Ghostly X Analogue Super Nt Retro Console

With their impeccable styling and high-tech upgrades, Analogue sits squarely at the top of the retro gaming pyramid. And their crowning jewel might just be the Famicom-inspired Super Nt console — a stylish machine that can play all your SNES and Famicom cartridges from the ’90s in crisp HD (both audio and video). And now, it’s getting another upgrade in the form of a limited edition release in collaboration with the independent record label, Ghostly International.

Appropriately dubbed the Ghostly X Analogue Super Nt, this retro console does everything its predecessors can do — including playing the full suite of Nintendo’s SNES and Famicom cartridge releases. This one, however, also comes with some very enticing special features, like an exclusive all-white colorway — on both the console and the included 8BitDo SN30 wireless controller and its receiver. This special edition also comes with digital copies of both Super Turrican and Super Turrican 2 — a pair of action-adventure platformers — features seven exclusive start-up sonics composed by artists on the Ghostly International label and boasts a bespoke boot-up sequence featuring the label’s icon. There’s even a playlist of music to pair alongside it. Only 1,000 of these consoles will ever be made at the price of $250 a piece.

Purchase: $250