GFG Style’s 4WD Electric Hyper SUV Hits 62MPH In Under 3.5 Seconds

In November of last year, GFG revealed its intent to create one of the industry’s leading Hyper SUVs. The project was known as the GFG Style 2030 — an abnormal amalgamation of supercar styling, transport traits, and all-terrain attributes. Now, the company is planning to debut the vehicle on the automotive world’s biggest stage, the Geneva International Motor Show, in March of 2020.

As an homage to Saudi Arabia’s progressive “‘vision2030” project — which was proposed by the country’s leading officials as a transformative effort to expand its industrial presence, invite foreign consumers, and reduce oil reliance — GFG’s 2030 was built around an all-electric, four-wheel-drive powertrain. While there aren’t any hard numbers regarding the vehicle’s output, it’s safe to assume that a carbon fiber-imbued body, aluminum frame, and off-road-focused silhouette will work seamlessly alongside the SUVs “hyper” monicker. Clean linework, symmetrical styling, and sleek, tapered edges complement the 2030’s proposed 125 mile-per-hour top speed, allowing it to rocket from 0-62 in under 3.5 seconds. With a range of 230 miles per charge, the Saudi Arabian SUV is sure to make some waves within the automotive community upon its release.

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