Get Squeaky Clean Anywhere With This Efficient, Heated Portable Trail Shower

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Washing the day’s adventures away can be difficult when off-grid, with most shower systems being bulky, not to mention a single gallon of water weighing more than 8lbs. Furthermore, h2O is an extremely precious resource on trips into the desert or other arid climates where this life-sustaining liquid is scarce to come by. And it was these factors that spawned the development of Geyser Systems’ new water-saving, heated showering system.

Perfect for car camping and overlanding, the Portable Shower with Heater calls on a pressurized setup that pumps water through a scrub sponge, allowing for an incredibly effective cleaning system that requires very little water. Powered via a 16’ cord that plugs into a car’s 12V outlet, this camping gadget boasts a built-in heating system that can warm the unit’s 3L (0.79G) tank to 95°F in as little as 15 minutes. Further water-preservation comes from the device’s flow control valve, which regulates the rate at which water is dispensed, while the system’s advanced pump technology affords consistent water pressure. Also equipped with an LED dashboard denoting when the water is ready and a water-level sensor that alerts you when water is running low, this system also lends itself particularly well to cleaning gear and camp dishes.

Purchase: $325