Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle

Gold finishes don’t look good on everything, but when they do work, they really work. And this Golden Eagle Edition of Gerber’s Mini Paraframe pocket knife is evidence of just that.

This knife, the smallest in Gerber’s Paraframe series, has its 2.22 inch high carbon stainless steel blade and handle coated in a cobalt hardened 24 karat gold finish that gives the knife a distinguished but tough look. The update improves on an already solid everyday carry blade. Even without the coating this knife is beautifully simple and lightweight; featuring an easy one handed opening action, frame lock, and skeleton frame. Pick up this piece if you’re looking to add a more formal blade to your collection for just around $30. [Purchase]

Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle 1

Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle 02