Gerber GDC Money Clip

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What’s in your wallet? OK, now what really needs to be in your wallet? No, we don’t think that ticket stub from There Will Be Blood still deserves a place in there. We say go the minimalist route with this stylish GDC Money Clip and resign yourself to only carrying the essentials.

This thing doesn’t hold Olive Garden receipts, loose change, or stale condoms; it just holds cash, up to 5 credit cards, and a sleek small blade that’s perfect for cutting ties to your hoarder ways. The Titanium nitride-coated steel body is only 3.7- inches long and weighs just 2.9 oz., so you’ve got a nice stealthy way to carry your valuables here, as opposed to the typical leather wallet bulge that leaves a permanent in the back pocket of any man over 50 years old. [Purchase]

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