Gerber Center-Drive Multitool

Not often in the world of tools or everyday carry does something emerge that causes a stir. And that’s probably because we’ve all come to learn what to expect. A screwdriver, with rare exception, is always just a screwdriver at its core. The same goes for knives, pliers, etc. So when a brand reveals something truly unique, people tend to take notice. Such is the case with Gerber’s new multitool, the Center-Drive.

While this pocketable mechanism isn’t loaded with bells and whistles – there are 14 tools in all – it does exceedingly well with what it does have. For instance, this is the only multitool on the market with a full-sized standard driver that pivots on a center axis (which comes with magnetic replaceable bits). It’s also fitted with a drop-point blade that’s 30% longer than the blades on competitive tools and has thumb support on the reverse side of the handle. And it features spring-loaded pliers. Best part is, all of the outboard tools can be accessed with just one hand. Did we mention that this $89 multitool is made right here in the USA? Well, it is. [Purchase]