Gerber 39 Series Pocket Knife

How many folding knives released in the past year have had handles made with something other than anodized metal, rubberized grips, or micarta? It seems that more often than not knife makers go for a stark contrast between a blade and the handle, especially on folding knives. That isn’t the case with this 39 series pocket knife from Gerber, however, which is a big part of why it stood out to us.

This 2.8 inch long 420 HC stainless steel blade opens up from its nickel plated zinc handle via a nail nick opening for a total length of just about 6.5 inches, and has an endearing old-school look to it. It has more than just a nice design however, weighing in at 5.6 ounces it has a kind of substantial heft in the hand that you don’t come across all too often anymore. If you dig that kind of approach on a folding knife or just want a little bit of variety in your collection, you can’t go wrong with this piece. And unlike many of their other offerings, this Gerber piece is made in America. Price is set at $52. [Purchase]