All-Electric Corvette GXE

There’s no escaping the fact that electric power is the wave of the future in terms of the automotive industry. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a cutesy milquetoast car when you ditch the fossil fuels. In fact, more and more brands are building impressive and powerful EVs that we’d be proud to drive, like Genovation’s Chevy Corvette-based GXE.

Two years ago, this vehicle set a world record as the first all-electric car to break 200 miles per hour. Now, with the brand’s strategic partnership with Prefix Corporation and Stafl Systems, they’re finally bringing it to market. That means you could be one of the lucky 75 people to get their hands on this limited-run, 700-horsepower, 209 mph supercar (which is capable of a monstrous 650 foot-pounds of torque). And it doesn’t just offer power; it also comes with a fully-featured interior and killer onboard tech – meaning comfortable seating, a comprehensive custom touch screen control system, and both Android and iPhone app compatibility. They’re accepting preorders now, but you’ll have to contact the brand for pricing info.

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