Genesis Unveiled A Stunningly-Sleek All-Electric GT Called The ‘Concept X’

The pandemic might’ve killed off another year’s worth of highly anticipated car shows, but that’s not to say that automakers have been sitting idle whiling away the time. Rather, as you’ll find with the latest concept from Genesis, they’ve been hard at work, and they’re not willing to let their efforts go unnoticed.

The striking car you see before you is called the ‘Concept X,’ and it’s essentially a preview of Genesis’ upcoming EV design language. At the front, you’ll find a massive shield-shaped Crest Grille — the most prominent version on a vehicle to date. What’s more, it sports the brand’s trademark two-line headlamps, extending beyond the fender and through the wheel arches. Around the sides, it flows much like a traditional GT, with a lengthy hood and a shortened rear end. And when it comes to the interior, Genesis made sure that the cockpit could match the Concept X’s beautiful bodywork. So, in addition to a floating Free-Form display console, it’s also been given a Crystal Sphere Electronic Shift Lever, bucket seats, and four-point belts in order to better cater the car to the driver. While there’s no information on performance yet, you can learn more below.

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