General Motors E-Bike

General Motors is the last company we thought we’d see embracing the current electric bicycle trend — but amidst an overwhelming demand for alternative modes of transportation, the automotive giant has finally decided to hop on the bandwagon — or rather, the folding, all-electric bicycle.

The first iteration of GM’s “e-Bike” will utilize a mid-frame motor powered by a proprietary drive system, and features an innovative joint near the battery housing that allows users to minimize the frame footprint for storage. The company is aiming to carry forward the compact, foldable bicycle with an OnStar-powered telemetry system, drawing from nearly 20 years of experience to create the current, marketed iteration. The company will also include rechargeable front and rear LED lights, and a promise to consumers that, although small, the cycle won’t skimp on power. GM is trying to drum up some interest in the project, promoting a brand-naming contest which incentivizes individuals from around the globe to “name the e-bike” for a chance at $10,000.

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