Titan Underwater Drone

Aerial drones allow you to capture the pristine beauty of the outdoors from a birds-eye point of view, but what about the beautiful, mysterious depths of the ocean? Geneinno has constructed the Titan Underwater Drone so that you can discover, and capture, what lies beneath.

The Titan is an impressive machine with its powerful 4K 30fps camera that will give you the opportunity to capture four hours of cinematic footage in depths of up to 150m, which is, according to Geneinno, deeper than any underwater drone out there. Piloting the drone is an absolute blast with its streamlined, game-like control system, 160-degree wide-angle field of vision and a smartphone app that provides 1080p real-time streaming. You can even plunge this bad boy into dark waters, as it comes equipped with powerful 3000LM LED lights on each side of its camera, and it can surely maneuver for amazing shots thanks to six high performance thrusters that are guided with a precise steering algorithm, allowing it to do well against strong currents. It also includes a durable Titan hardshell case, a 50m tether cable and dive filters for clean color correction. Back this project on Kickstarter and start planning your underwater journey.

Purchase: $1,400